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K18 Mask for Hair

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K18 Mask for Hair is an innovative product that is designed to restore hair structure and prevent damage. Its formula contains K18 PeptideTM molecules, which penetrate inside the curls and restore damaged disulfide bridges, providing hair strength and elasticity.
K18 Mask for Hair helps improve the appearance of hair, making it softer, shinier and more manageable. This mask is suitable for all types of strands and can be used as an additional product for any hair care. It is especially useful for curls that are damaged by chemical procedures, thermal effects or overheating from irons and hair dryers.

The K18Peptide™ trademark and technology are registered to Akuis Hairsciences Inc., 621 Sansam St., San Francisco, CA 94111, United States of America (US).

A leave-in mask restores hair at the molecular level in just 4 minutes. Clinically proven. The product uses a peptide method to reconnect keratin chains that have been destroyed by hair bleaching, coloring and other chemical and thermal treatments. The more severe the damage, the more noticeable the result will be.

The hair takes on an elastic appearance, becomes soft and smooth. Eliminates damage caused by:
Bleaching/Dyeing/Perming or straightening/Hot styling

Benefits of using a leave-in mask:

  • Suitable for all hair types (thin, colored, bleached, curly, porous, gray, children’s, extensions, etc.), gender, age, nationality;
  • Replaces mask, conditioner, leave-in care in home care;
  • Restores damage caused by bleaching, dyeing, chemical treatments and heat styling;
  • Restores strength, softness, smoothness and elasticity to hair;
  • Reduces hair breakage and prevents color fading;
  • Concentrated formula = minimum consumption per application. 1 ml of K18 mask = 10 ml of traditional mask;
  • Does not wash out with shampoo, provides a cumulative effect;
  • Vegan product


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