Hair salon in Batumi

Hair salon in Batumi in the Mriya beauty salon provides high-quality and modern hair care services. We have many years of experience working with the most demanding customers, we use only modern materials. All services are performed in compliance with the necessary sanitary standards and by craftsmen who, in addition to work experience, have relevant certificates and documents confirming compliance with their competencies.

Парикмахерская Батуми Мрiя

Hairdressing salon for women in Batumi in our salon provides a large number of services to bring the hair of the head into a state worthy of their owner. The main ones are listed on this page and in the online recording widget.

Women's hair salon in Batumi


Women’s haircut in Batumi is one of the main services in a hairdresser. In our salon, the price of the service includes washing and blow-drying. Price from 30 GEL and depends on the length of the hair

Hair coloring

Hair color can be decisive in the overall perception of a woman. We use only advanced technologies, modern materials and disposable consumables. From 80 GEL

Укладка Голливуд

Hair Styling

Blow-dry, ironing, straightening, styling before work, styling Hollywood. Lots of styling options. Service cost from 20 GEL

Hairdressing services

Прическа вечерняя


Wedding hairstyles, for parties, evening, for themed holidays, with decorations. Service cost from 40 GEL

melirovanie 600x800 1

Hair highlighting

Partial highlighting, Venetian, Californian, basal highlighting on regrown roots, airtouch. Prices from 80 GEL

Биозавивка Батуми

Hair perm

Carving, biowave, light chemicals, perm – any options for long-term hair styling to your taste, color and condition of the hair. The cost of services from 120 GEL

Уход для волос

Hair care

Services for the treatment, hair restoration using products from world famous brands from Italy, Israel and the USA. From 35 GEL

happyness 600x800 1

Happiness for hair

The most famous procedure for the restoration of damaged hair at the molecular level from the Japanese brand Lebel. Service price from 150 GEL

Need something special?

If you need advice, please contact us, we will do our best to make you satisfied.

Possible questions

We tried to recruit a team of professionals with experience in working with clients from 3 years. We do not accept masters who studied at dubious courses. The team is assembled from different countries on the adoption of the common values ​​​​of the salon. Follow our social networks, where photos of our work will be posted

Our sanitary rules and norms are the unconditional observance of the usual abbreviation SanPiN:

  • daily disinfection of all surfaces – floors, tables, as well as equipment and tools – through processing in a dry-heat cabinet in kraft bags
  • use only sterile and disposable materials, consumables, including cotton and gauze
    Clips, curlers and curlers – washed with detergent
  • Cutting parts of shaving accessories – disinfect
  • Combs, brushes and scissors – sterilized or disinfected according to the “fungal” mode after each visitor

The easiest way is to use the online registration yourself. If you need a preliminary consultation – call us, we will always be glad to see you and write you down to the one you need

Everything is simple. Our client is always right. Entrust all your questions to the administrator. We are sure you will be satisfied and become our regular customer.