Nail studio in Batumi

The nail studio in Batumi in the Mriya salon provides manicure and pedicure, high-quality varnish and gel polish, extension, repair and correction of nails, various treatments for the restoration and care of the nail plate. All procedures are in a convenient place and format. Compliance with sanitary norms and rules according to SanPin is a law.

Ногтевая студия Батуми

Basic nail services are presented on this page and in the online appointment widget. If you need an author’s manicure or something special with nails – call us, we will help you realize your plan.

Nail studio in Batumi - services

Маникюр Батуми


It happens partial, classic, combined, hardware. May include nail polish, gel polish. Service cost from 30 GEL

pedicur 600x600


Nail and foot treatment service. May include podologist services, varnishing, gel polishing. Price for the service from 40 GEL

narashivanie nogtey 600x600 1

Nail extension

It is a process of increasing the length of the nail with special materials in order to correct or change the appearance of a natural nail. From 90 GEL

Nail service Batumi

Мужской педикюр Батуми

Male pedicure

Male nails have their own structure. Professional equipment and materials are used for the service. Price from 35 GEL

Маникюр гель-лак

Manicure and gel polish

Treatment of the nail plate of the fingers, cuticles and decorative and / or therapeutic coating. Used brands Luxio, Beautix, OPI, IBX. From 50 GEL

Педикюр гель-лак Батуми

Pedicure and gel polish

Pedicure with gel polish coating allows you to keep your toenails well-groomed appearance for a long time. Cost from 60 GEL

Ремонт ногтя Батуми

Nail repair

Sometimes you need to quickly put in order a nail damaged in household chores. It is not expensive. Cost from 6 GEL

correction narashennyh 600x600 1

Correction of extended nails

More often called extensions. Because of this, nails after the extension procedure do not retain their appearance longer and sometimes lose it 😉. From 70 GEL

Need something special?

Do you have problems with your nails or need an author’s pedicure? Contact us – we will help.

Possible questions

We have equipped workplaces for 3 manicure masters and 2 pedicure masters in the salon at Gorgasali 138 and places for one manicure master and one pedicure master in the salon at Javakhishvili 8.

We do not accept employees with less than 3 years of work experience

Everything in our nail studio is made and maintained in accordance with the rules and regulations of SanPin. We use only disposable consumables with obligatory sterilization of the instrument in kraft bags in a dry-heat cabinet

We are always glad to meet professionals. Write-call, you will be answered

Manicure-pedicure in four hands is a service for quickly bringing nails, when nail service masters simultaneously deal with nails on both hands and feet. We have this service. Its price is the cost of everything that was done to your arms and legs, increased by 20%.

Conditions for the operation of nails after the services of varnishing (gel polish) for the first 24 hours:

  • Do not visit the bathhouse, sauna, solarium, do not swim in the sea
  • Do not file the edge of the nail
  • Do not clean, wash dishes without gloves
  • Do not keep hands (feet) in warm water for a long time

The guarantee for the loss of the original appearance when applying nail polish or gel polish is 3 days if the conditions for using the nails specified above are observed. The warranty period is not renewed after the correction procedure – there are laws of chemistry, no one has canceled them.

The nail coating warranty does not cover the following cases:

  • A coating service was carried out without a manicure or pedicure – in the case of poor-quality manicure (pedicure), it is impossible to predict the duration of wear
  • The nail is broken, physical breakage of the nail is not considered a warranty case
  • If the client did not comply with the conditions for the operation of the nails after the procedure or he himself tried to eliminate the shortcomings that appeared
  • Pregnancy, breastfeeding, taking hormonal drugs