Haircut for women in Batumi

Haircut for women in Batumi is one of the main services. Our hairdressers, who use advanced technologies and have undergone specialized training from well-known masters of the beauty industry, will help women cut their hair and choose exactly their image.

Стрижка женская в Батуми

Women's haircuts in Batumi

Women’s haircuts can be summarized by the following options:

  • Bob: One of the most popular women’s haircuts, which usually has a short length and rounded edges. A variation is the page haircut worn by the famous singer Mireille Mathieu, as well as the session haircut.
  • Bob hairstyle: similar to a bob, but with raised edges and a length above the lower jaw.
  • Graduated haircuts: are usually short in length with texture that helps create volume and movement in the hair.
  • Asymmetrical haircuts: different lengths on different sides of the head, creating a dynamic and trendy look. An example of this option is a female haircut mullet or garcon.
  • Layered haircuts: Lots of short layers to add volume and control to your hair.
  • Cascading haircuts: layered haircuts in which the hair is usually styled in even or rounded layers on top of each other.
  • Pixie: One of the shortest women’s haircuts, with short cut side curls and volume on the top of the head.
  • Long layered hairstyles: A combination of long and short layers to achieve the effect of volume imitating the movement of hair.
  • Pigtails: A classic hairstyle in which the hair is usually braided along with the addition of accessories, flowers, etc.

These options can be modified by the shape and length of the bangs, styling or length of the edges. Each type of haircut can be further tailored to individual style and preferences depending on the shape of the face, texture and features of the hair. The final choice depends on your personal preferences, face shape, lifestyle. It is best to consult with a Mriya beauty salon stylist or hairdresser to find the most suitable haircut for you.

Haircut female price

The price of a women’s haircut in Batumi at the Mriya beauty salon includes washing the head and drying the hair. Depending on the length of the curls, the cost of a female haircut is:
  • Short hair (shoulder length) – 30 GEL
  • Medium (shoulders to shoulder blades) – 45 GEL
  • Long (below shoulder blades) – 60 GEL
Стрижка женская цена в Батуми