Gillette Fusion blades 4 pcs


Gillette Fusion blades 4 pcs in Batumi

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Gillette Fusion is one of Gillette’s popular shaving systems that uses five-blade cartridges for a closer, more comfortable shave. Fusion blades typically come in packs of 4 and are designed for use with matching Gillette Fusion pens.

Gillette Fusion 4 pcs cassettes contain the following key features:

1. Five Blades: Provides a smoother shave and effectively removes facial hair.

2. Lubrication strips: protect the skin from irritation and ensure smooth gliding of the blades.

3. Micro fins for lifting: help to blend hairs before shaving, providing a closer result.

4. Trimmer for caring for sideburns and hard-to-reach places.

Gillette Fusion 4 packs are typically designed with comfort and shaving performance in mind, providing maximum closeness and minimizing skin irritation. It is recommended to change blade cartridges periodically, according to the manufacturer’s instructions, to maintain optimal shaving performance. Interchangeable and can be used in Fusion/Fusion Power, ProGlide/ProGlide Power, ProShield and SkinGuard machines.